Migrants Info

  • “Since 2007, we are requested for more than 90000 translation documents from individuals”
  • Confidential Service: Answer for your question with maintaining clients personal information..
  • Location :ile de France
  • Time :Based on nature and size of the documents and language. We offer solutions depends on your request.
  • Contact : Phone / walk-in / appointments.
  • Non Confidential Service:

List of people inform as an professionals

  • Social workers,
  • lawyers not specialised in law of foreigners, volunteers,
  • Everyone individually experienced in foreign law.


    We are focused on disgracing volitions of the right of refugees and migrants and advocate them in all the legal formalities. Our solution is to guide them in all part of migration control operations and mechanisms, which ensure that everyone has access to the right to obtain asylum, we only handle clients who are not interested to returned to their country of origin when there is an serious human right abuses.

    Thank you to all public and private partners who have supported our service offer to your clients since 2007.”